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how much is a all you can eat catfish plate?

Plan on $15/person...drinks etc. Take cash.

is it open Sundays


is harpers ppen today

Closed for vacation

Do they have other stuff besides catfish and sea food? My sister is allergic to all sea food and catfish.

Just about anything you want

Is Harper's open today, July 4th?

They close for vacation the first 2 weeks of july

Prices for all you can eat?

With all you can eat, includes Salad bar Drink Catfish, hush puppies $10.00 Plus they do have a good size menu to

What days are they closed

Peggy, they are open on Sundays. Reminder though for everyone, they do not accept debit/credit cards

do they have whole catfish, fillets, or just bellies?

Just little strips

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